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How much does waterproof cover dampen sound amplitude?

Shiyi Wang

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When my 22-month old son plays with water, he wears Rondo with waterproof cover. I am curious how much waterproof cover dampens sound amplitude. My little one is still working on his communication skills so it is challenging to ask him about his experience. Could you please share your experience with me when you wear Rondo vs Rondo + waterproof cover? Thank you!

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@Shiyi Wang

Surprisingly, it does not have a noticeable impact on volume for me.  I was so surprised.  Everything continues to sound great.  I use waterwear on my Rondos at the beach for full days and hear just fine.

If he swims underwater, when he surfaces he will hear something similar to a very gentle waterfall as the water drips over the cover.  So he may not hear great immediately upon surfacing but will a moment later.

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