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I just wanted to introduce myself..my name is joyce. I became deaf about three years ago at age 57 due to an autoimmune disease called behcets. I have a cochlear implant in my right ear. Its been a very tough transition...im struggling alot in social situations. Ive tried learning sign but struggle remembering what ive learned the following day. I can hear somewhat when im one on one w soneone and i can watch their lips...but it seens to be getting harder and harder. I cannot hear phone conversation at all, nor the tv and sadly cannot hear music...which i miss greatly. I use a caption phone and captioning on tv. Was curious if anyone out there is using the opus 2 cochlear device and the quatro 4.0. Bluetooth. Would like to hear your experiences. Thank you

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Welcome to hearpeers Joyce!

There are a number of members who use the opus 2, me being one of them. I am bilateral and have had them for 4 years. I had the surgeries a few months apart. Can I ask how long you have had your CI? It is a process that does take some time as you have to relearn how to hear. There are some situations that you are going to struggle in and others that you will do fine. Hearing people run into the same situations as well.

You can continue to practice as well as fine tune your map pings. Keep a journal of what you are hearing in certain environments. Write down as much info as you can. Where are you? Outside, inside, how big is the room, what are the caustics like, high ceilings, a lot of metal, lots of people, no people......then describe what it sounds like. Bring this with you to the audiologist. This will give him/her a good idea of what frequencies to adjust.

I can remember thinking , I will never be able to listen to music again. Eventually things started to get better. For me, the phone and music were the last to come back. I also had a real problem if the sound was electronic. If a person was talking into a microphone, listening to the radio, TV. That too got much better over time.

I have an FM system but have not needed to use it in quite a while. Feel free to share as much or as little about yourself as you would like. Also ask as many questions as you can. There is no such thing as a stupid question, just a stupid answer.


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