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Bubble/echo sound

John Crozier

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John has been experiencing an annoying bubble sound at church. It happens with the Sonnet alone and with Roger pen. The eco he hears is very annoying to him as well.  We tried the artone Max 3 on MT in a restaurant and he heard the same bubble sound. When I changed to T setting it had no bubble. We are getting the Rondo 3 very soon and if setting to T will solve the problem we are out of luck as rondo 3 is only MT.  Any insights into this problem??  Will high volume do this???  Any help is so appreciated with either or both the echo and bubble sounds. Thank you. Diane for John 

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@John Crozier and Diane


I am sure that is frustrating.  I am not sure what that can be.  An echo sound using Sonnet by itself, or with the Roger Pen and also with the Artone.


I will think on it.


In the meantime, rest assured John can have his audiologist set up a program on his Rondo 3 that is telecoil only.  Then when he moves onto that program and has the telecoil adapter attached to his Rondo 3, it will function like being on T.


Sonnet suggestions to try and see if that sound quality improves… 

1) change the Sonnet mic cover

2) detach and then reattach the Sonnet sections- cable, battery pack/rechargeable battery adapter…

3) clean the battery contacts with a dab of rubbing alcohol

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Thank you Mary Beth.  I was asking so we could avoid this problem with the Rondo 3.  I was unaware we could get a T only program on the Rondo 3.  Thanks for that info.    We are scheduled to receive Rondo in a few days and I have to hand over the Sonnet at that time as part of our package so No need to look further for us.  Thanks again…. Diane 

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