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Final Ci tuning tomorrow .I am very pleased with my hearing performances outcome also i need more volume and some tweaking to do .Happy days :D

Ci have changed my personality better ,I have noticed my most friend mention to me that i speak quite ,normally not speaking too loud and look bit happier haha :)

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hello andrew ,thank u

every appointment i go my Ci to increase volume  get where i am comfortable with hearing also changed sensitive . At 2nd appointment i do need little bit more volume  & get used to it  and 3rd appointment i get 3 different maps programme which was i like the best hearing performance out of all programme also little more volume then i am happy .At final tuning i have selected programme 3 also have another maps (programme 2) is for background noise reduced so i could hear people more around me .I did had some twitching recently so the awesome med el clinical engineer have got rid the twitching yay .At the moment it is doing well so far and i am surprised how quick i have progress from the switch on ( 3 month !!! amazing).

Yes you are right everyone is different .

So how u been getting on ?

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Thanks, I've got my 2nd mapping on Monday and I think I need the volume to go louder, was hearing too much shhh sounds but not too bad now and I guessing the brain is learning to accept the new sounds. The sounds I'm not too keen on but should of getting used to it, it's car rumbling noise, a bit like low pitch distorted sounds - hit and miss. Similar to radio tuning when searching for a station. I'm pleased to hear from you there's room for improvement!

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hey ,that what u there for 2nd maps to tweak ur programme .Dont forgot they want u to have best hearing performance outcome .i did get lots of shhhhh at first because u brain getting used to it so in time will get better ;)

one thing i don't like is bus brake squealing is doing my head in lol so i am got used to it .Suddenly i have used to volume then want more volume .

good luck ur 2nd mapping i know will be improving than 1st maps programme .

anyway give us updated ;)

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