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How many levels of volume is present for one mapping


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My son's rondo 2 has been recently activated. The audiologist has suggested to increase volume gradually to the highest. Now how many times i need to press + symbol in finetuner remote to reach the highest? how w would i know at what level tbe current volume is? is there any mobile app to connect to rondo 2? 

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That’s actually difficult for a parent to know.  As an adult user each time I press the volume button on the FineTuner I hear a beep.  When I reach max or min, the beep is very short which lets me know I have reached the limit.


It is common that after activation our audiologists want us to increase volume over time.  My audiologist put 4 different volumes on my processor in the 4 program slots.  I was to advance to the louder programs before I returned.

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