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Help finding headphones (one hearing aid)


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We are struggling to find headphones that work for my 8yo.  He has only one hearing aid, which is bluetooth capable but if we pair it with his school ipad, he would only have sound in one ear.  His hearing support teacher has been having him take out his hearing aid and use regular headphones but that is not ideal and he ends up turning the volume up to the point that I worry it will effect his hearing in the hearing ear.  We have tried a couple of over the ear headphones and most either produce feedback or have noise cancelling background noise that is amplified (he has low frequency hearing loss).  Has anyone had experience with audio sharing on the ipad?  From what I have read, you should be able to pair more than one headset (ex. hearing aid and airpods).  I would rather know that this will work before i shell out the money for the airpods or beats (these are the two they said were compatible).  Any suggestions are much appreciated!


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Some around the ear headphones with large cups work well with BTE hearing side without producing feedback.  If you are able to test some out at a store, that would be helpful.  BOSE QC worked with my power hearing aid without causing feedback. Its noise canceling feature can be controlled in the app.

If you are willing to use cables, a splitter would enable you to plug in an ear pod for the acoustic ear and a direct audio input cable for the HA if it has DAI, or a silhouette if the HA has an active telecoil.

Most of my students prefer BT headphones.

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