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Mary Beth: My hearing loss and CI story

Mary Beth

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From One CI User to Another:  My Hearing Loss & CI Journey

Mary Beth


My hearing story

I was born with typical hearing but by age 13 my progressive hearing loss began.  I have otosclerosis which is genetic but my version started earlier than normal and progressed faster than normal.  My hearing continued to decline.  The doctors tried to surgically fix the hearing in my right ear but after 4 surgeries on that ear, I had lost total hearing in that ear.  So for the next 24 years I only heard from the hearing aid in my left ear.  I needed more and more powerful hearing aids as time went on.  Eventually hearing aids just were not enough.  My world was shrinking as I needed to rely on speech reading with the left hearing aid to follow conversations.  I am a teacher and hearing all day in class was exhausting.  I came home tired and frustrated from the challenges of listening every day.


So in late 2014 I went for an evaluation to see if a cochlear implant would help.


My dead ear was implanted first in February 2015 and turned on (activated) in March.  At first it only heard static and beeps but within hours it was starting to hear words.  Absolutely amazing!  I practiced with listening exercises and apps every day and every day I could hear and understand more and more.  Absolutely life changing!


I could not wait to get my left ear implanted and hear this good in both ears.  My left ear was implanted 8 months after my right.  Within months of its activation I was listening with balanced ears for the first time in decades.  It is so awesome!


I remember very well how frustrated and anxious I felt before getting a cochlear implant.  These CIs have been the best decision ever for me.  Life changing.  Wishing you the very best!


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