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Does the Samba 2 Go stream music in stereo?


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Real stereo, with a separate right and left channel for the correct ear. Obviously only for bilateral recipients!

I can't find anything saying if it does or not, just stuff for AudioLink and and AudioStream for CI users. So I guess maybe it doesn't? But if someone knows for sure that would be nice to know.

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I believe Samba 2 Go delivers a blended mono audio signal so bilateral Samba users would hear the same audio on both sides.  But let’s tag @MED-EL Moderatorto find out for sure.


EDITED:  Thankfully I was incorrect.  Read Verena’s response below.

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Hi @ann_onymous, I am very sorry for the late reply. 

Our product experts have the following reply for you: SAMBA 2 GO streams the signal in stereo mode when SAMBA 2 is used bilateral. It splits up the signal and streams the right signal to the right ear as well as the left signal to the left year.

Hope that answers your question!

Best wishes, Verena 

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