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Sonnet 2 While Exercising


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Hey, everyone! I am SSD, implanted 8/24, activated 9/2, and going on an outdoor climbing trip in a few weeks. I am wondering how the Sonnet 2 will be when outside all day in the hot sun.  I will definitely be sweating a lot. I have an earmold which keeps it in place while I exercise and while I'm at my physical intense job. I haven't had any problems with it falling off. But I'm wondering if my head is drenched in sweat while wearing a helmet all day, if it's going to be a problem. Has anyone noticed an issue with the coil sliding off because of sweat, or is the magnet strong enough? Would appreciate your experiences!

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congratulations on your CI!

I do not notice my coil/magnet shifting at all due to sweat but I am not engaged in as rigorous an activity as you describe.

Have you thought of wearing a skull cap or nammucap under your helmet? I use nammucaps at the beach and when I am near water.  I find them very comfortable.

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@Mary Beth Thanks! Maybe this is a stupid question, but do you put the cap over or under the coil? Is the magnet strong enough to stick with a thin layer under it? Thanks! 

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