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Joys of bilateral hearing

Mary Beth

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The joys of listening with 2 ears!

This week I have been in awe of how our brains listen using two ears when noise is coming from one side only.  

We are having work done on our home so instead of listening to audiobooks on T, which cuts out all environmental sounds, I have been setting one ear to T (audiobook only) and the other ear to MT (audiobook plus environmental sounds).  This way I can hear when my name is called.

In quiet times, the audiobook is equal in both ears.

But… and here is the cool part!!!!

Every time I start using my noisy sewing machine, my brain focuses on the audiobook only ear!!!  It’s like a switch has been flicked and the audiobook only ear is center stage.  So cool!  As soon as the noisy sewing machine stops, the audiobook becomes balanced in both ears.

It is sooo cool!!!!

After 24 years of hearing only in one ear, this bilateral hearing amazes me every single day!

I love my Med-El CIs!  And my awesome audiologist who keeps my ears balanced.


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