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Things you do now that you did not do before your CI

Mary Beth

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  • HearPeers Heroes

Let’s have a bit of fun.  What are some things you do now thanks to your CI?

I will tag a few members to get us started




@Mary Jo Strickland

@Darlene Mac


@John R



@Dave in Pittsburgh


@Jared Charney


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  • HearPeers Heroes

Things I do now that I did not do before my CI….

let people whisper in my ear

walk on the left side of people

sing to the radio in the car with the windows down 

multitask while chatting

listen to audiobooks 

play the piano

look forward to large family gatherings 

converse in the ocean


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Haha what a list! I have a short one

Stand by hummingbird feeder and hear them talking, fighting, flying, all their tiny amazing sounds

Stream tv as loud as i want no one else hears


Leaves falling

Birds sounds

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Still early for me so my list is also short, but so far:

Birds - I am hearing birds for the first time in… ever. 
   - in this same thread, I’m getting higher pitch sounds that were previously out of reach for me. Lower pitch sounds don’t bother me… as much anymore but I’m still sensitive to them (thanks EAS).

Audiobooks - Never tried them before but started two days ago as an alternate means of rehab. It’s going well. 

Relax more - didn’t realize how much effort I had to put into things with HAs. CIs entail a lot of work, don’t get me wrong, but in certain aspects the CI took a huge load off my shoulders. As I continue my rehab I am also working at shedding/unlearning HA habits. 

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  • HearPeers Heroes


Chat to the kids in the car (behind me).  Sing with any confidence in my volume.  Look forward to parties and weddings.  Talk to people in other rooms. Allow people to sit or walk on my right side to talk.  Not stare at people's faces while they talk.  Listen to music in stereo!






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Listen to my wife snore 😴😂
The indicators in the car were a wow moment.

Not my story to tell, But one lady I know (is not in this forum yet) said "OMG the Toilet flush, I nearly 💩 myself, good thing was I already did". She was born deaf, and that was her biggest shock post switch on 🤣.

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Things I haven't done for couple of decades before my CIs

Picking up the phone when it rings, even if I am not sure who it is. 

Checking voice messages on voicemail and able to get info without playing it over and over (...and over)

Eavesdropping strangers,  with or without intent

Listening to radio during morning commute, answering any pop up game quizzes on the radio show (correctly, to feel sharp)

Listening to music all night on weekends (re)discovering old and new tunes


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Not thinking about hearing…just doing it!

Not saying “What?” and “Huh?” a zillion times a day!

Socializing in groups and participating in meetings with confidence 

Loving to hear rain, thunder, the rustling of tree leaves…so many, many sounds 

Using a phone and cellphone without a second thought

….my list is endless!!😊


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Hard to believe it's almost been a year for me since activation and honestly , my CI has literally given me back my life/my sanity. Not being bound by my raging tinnitus and being able (for the most part) to follow along in conversations --

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I still work part time for to be able to negotiate a new contract with a new or existing customer without messing it up or loosening a deal due to not hearing 

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