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Sonata 2 internal implant

Mary Beth

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Hi @Mary Beth,

the SONATA 2 has also a central electrode lead (as the SYNCHRONY 2) and we've made it MRI conditional up to 3 Tesla, too. But the SONATA 2 still features the slightly thicker implant housing of the previous SONATA cochlear implant.

Kind regards, Barbara 

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@Mary Beth  I have been asked about Sonata 2 implant by someone. To be frank I didn't even heard about it. I have seen Sonata on this comparison page (link given below) which is lacking some necessory features so I have moved on and choose Symphony 2. But when the guy mentioned about Sonata 2 and told me those couple of missing features has been added to Sonata 2 and it still have a huge price difference as compare to Symphony 2, I became curious and started searching and landed on this page.

Now, my question to @MED-EL Moderator, if the only difference between Symphony 2 and Sonata 2 is just an extra thickness why it has been priced so much less than Symphony 2? Also why it hasn't been added to this comparison link yet.


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Sorry.  I do not know anything about the internal Sonata nor Sonata 2.

I have the concerto internal on my right and the synchrony on my left.

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Hi @Jimit,

thank you for your questions. This page gives more information about SONATA 2: https://www.medel.com/hearing-solutions/cochlear-implants/sonata2

The pricing of our hearing solutions in the individual countries worldwide might vary because of different local regulations for medical devices. Similarly, not all implants are featured in the page you're referring to. You can still see an overview and comparison of all the different cochlear implants on the local Spanish page, if you're interested: https://www.medel.com/latam/hearing-solutions/cochlear-implants/cochlear-implant-comparison

Kind Regards,


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Thanks Giulia @MED-EL Moderator

It's interesting to know how local regulation can make a huge impact on the price of almost similar featuring device. 😊 And that link do have all devices listed. I hope the English version will be updated sooner rather than later.

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