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New user.. Post bonebridge


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Completely new to this so not quite sure what to say and will probably babble on.. But I came across this forum whilst searching post operative healing process as I wasn't too sure what to expect so thought I would give it a go.

I've recently on the 25th of June had the Bonebridge implanted on my left side due to conductive hearing loss that's accured as a repocution to previous operations such as mastoid surgery and so on.

Basically I was just hoping to get a bit of information from other people regarding their healing process and how you are all finding life with bonebridge? When I went down for the bonebridge surgery it didn't go quite to plan (not too sure why yet as I've still to speak to consultant) but it ended up taking just over 3 hours and as a result was sighted in a different area i believe as the part that you attach the magnet to is quite high up to the top of my head on the left side instead of behind the ear like I originally thougt so was just wondering where everyone else's is sighted? Also it's been 4 weeks now and the swelling of the area in which the samba/magnet attaches is still swollen (sort of like half a golf ball) on my head which I'm guessing is to be expected considering it took a little bit longer.

Hope this made sense and look forward to hearing other people's bonebridge journeys.

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Hello Courtney,

Welcome to the Hearpeers community - this is just a little BB corner ;)

I have bilateral conductive hearing loss and was implanted 2 years ago. On the top if that, I am an ENT doc so I see on this episode oftenly from that point of view. :)

Let's go forward with your questions:

1) my recovery was pretty fast&smooth: 3rd day after the op I went cycling for 30km - well, my mentour (who operated me) could but at the end didn't kill me ;)

2) swelling peacefully gone - didn't have any problem; we've attached the outer unit sharply after one month

3) concerning your question about different area... I don't know if you had opportunity to see the implant before but it's bulky. One part of the implant has to be positioned as far as it is possible in the projection of the middle and inner ear but outer unit sits on the other part of the implant. The way it can be nearer the ear is to bend the implant rectangularly to the projection of the transducer. Mine sits in the line of my supraorbital rim. I planned it on this way because of possible use of headphones (I am great music appreciator) but with Samba you do not need it when you have Siemens miniTek.

3) my life is undoubtly lot better with BB - previous hearing aid solution could not give me such a great audio quality never - frequency spectrum is much better, speech intelegibility far far better. I would never come back.

Please - ask whatever you want or think that you do not know or understand: we'll try to answer.

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