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Patricia E

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Hi I am introducing myself with a soundbridge middle ear implant which I have had 10 years now

  • Unable to hear anything in my right ear my left ear canal rejected any type of hearing aid, I had continual infections, was repeatedly given anti biotic drops and steroid drops to no avail. I would be without a hearing aid for 2 or 3 months, the infection would clear up, I would put the hearing aid back in and immediately I would get another infection. This went on for six years during which time during which time I felt I had nowhere to turn, I could not hear voices, I could not hear music, I had great difficulty hearing normal things such as the phone/radio/tv and my life went on a gradual downhill slide to having basically no quality of life whatsoever. Unable to enjoy things I love and having to give up my job I became insecure and frightened. I desperately missed hearing the voices of my loved ones, my sons and grandchildren. I was in a black hole of no man’s land unable to wear a hearing aid but without any hope of any alternative which could help me.

  • the Soundbridge Middle Ear Implant has been an absolute miracle to me. The technology of the implant is such that it is not just simply a case of amplified hearing that you receive with a hearing aid …….at least for me as I needed such high amplification and with amplification comes a certain amount of distortion so we were always trying to find the right balance with great difficulty. Now I was hearing just as if it was my own normal hearing before I had gone deaf. I would never have believed this was possible. I still feel that miracle every time I put my audio processor on every day. The sound is “natural” which is an extraordinary phenomena to anyone who has been deaf.


I have been a mentor now for some years and receive a lot of questions about was i afraid - when you have nothing to lose you are not afraid ! and I am eternally grateful to Med-el and my audiologist and specialist team at my hospital.



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