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So last time in March 2021, I receive my cochlear. Now,

Toni Moize

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So, in March of 2021, I received my cochlear. The magnet didn’t stick. They have been using steroid injections to help my scalp to thin out. My surgeon is talking about doing surgery that requires that he cut some of the fat from my scalp! Has anyone heard of this? Does anyone else have this problem with their magnet? 

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Hi @Toni Moize, I had the same issue when activating my Rondo 3. The surgeon wants to do another surgery to cut fat, which I think is unnecessary. Even magnet #5 could not hold in place, then I am trying #6 as the last result before going to surgery again. I guess I have been out if luck with this.

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No, I have not. I will be asking the company to come up with a strong magnet. I am too old to be having that kind of surgery. If it doesn’t need to happen, then why do it? The 9 injections of steroids have helped a little bit, though. 

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