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Tender implant site.


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Hello everyone!

I had a bonebridge implant in 2018. The insertion operation itself took 4 hrs, and according to my surgeon, I have a 'funny shaped head, something that he wasn't expecting, so the procedure took far longer than usual! Other than this,  it's been perfect and I've not known its there. 

However,  I woke this morning and the implant site feels very tender. If I tilt my head to the left (the implant side) the site feels a little sore & tender and my glasses seem to be irritating it too, something that's not happened before either.  Is it possible that the implant could have shifted? Has anyone else experienced this? I'm just wondering if I've slept funny on it or I should be getting in touch with my Dr.

Thanks for talking the time to read my post, I'm hoping that it's nothing to worry about. Fingers crossed someone out there has experienced something similar and can either put my mind at ease or suggest I see my Dr! 😅

 Have a great day everyone. 😊


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congratulations on your BoneBridge.  If it was me, I would contact my surgeon.  I hope this gets resolved for you quickly.

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