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Nagish app for captioned calls

Mary Beth

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In the US we have access to InnoCaption for captioned phone calls.  We can choose automated captions or a captionist at any point in the call.

People are now commenting on a new app called Nagish for captioned calls in English and Hebrew.  It may be available in other countries.  It’s in the App Store and it is free.

I know several HP members in Canada were interested in a free way to get captioned calls.  Maybe this is an option.

@Lynda is it available in Canada?

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@Mary BethIt's the first I've heard of it.  This is the only info that I've found Nagish | Facebook and About us – Nagish (talknagish.com)

If anyone has used it, I would be interested in learning more about it too.  (Sorry I wasn't any help @Mary Beth)



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@Lyndaand @Mary Beth
Before I found InnoCaption (which is now my all-time favorite app), I used Google Android LiveCaption (not the same as LiveTranscribe). It was pretty good, consistent with the quality of captions from other Google apps like LiveTranscribe and Meet. I didn't use it often though as my personal phone is an iPhone (I used it some from my work phone). It should be available in all countries, but only on select phones (most Google Pixels and a few "other select Android phones"). Here is Google's page on it: https://support.google.com/accessibility/android/answer/9350862?hl=en

One other workaround that I've used when desperate (pre-innocaption) was to start a Google Meet meeting with my non-free Google account and then have people call in or add their phones to the meeting. This is not an optimal solution (not working from gmail.com emails), but worked for me in a pinch with my paid custom domain and/or Google work account :).


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