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The convenience of not needing your phone nearby for phone calls

Mary Beth

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As many of you know, I am a big fan of the Artone 3 MAX BT neckloop.  I use it with both my Sonnet and Rondo processors.  Lately I have been receiving a lot of important phone calls from physician offices.  I just set my processors on MT in the morning, place the tiny neckloop around my neck and turn it on.  Since the Artone has a built in return mic to catch our voices during phone calls, it is so convenient.  Sometimes I am not near my cellphone.  Today my phone was on the main floor while I was upstairs on an errand when a call came in.  I just pressed the main button on the Artone to accept the call and I was all set.  The entire conversation happened  with my phone on the main floor and me on the top floor.  So convenient and easy.

Having a built in telecoil with the ease of setting the processors on MT made this possible.  

Also having a return mic pick up my voice for the caller made being near my phone unnecessary.

And having a BT device with excellent range made conversing on the phone even while a floor apart from the phone seamless.

These are the features I look for in connectivity devices. 

Here is a link to my review of the Artone if you are interested.  I am not affiliated with the company.  I just love their product and have been using it almost daily for many years.


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My Phonak hearing aids have BT Connectivity with my iPhone and don’t require any additional attachment. I simply double tap my ear or make a single depress of either volume button to answer a call. I don’t think my range is as good as you are getting. If I leave the phone downstairs at one end of the house and go upstairs to the other end I will lose the connection. My best guess is 30’ is about the limit. I think the hearing aid power is the limiting factor, so an additional device like the Artone might be the difference. I also love being able to watch a video on my phone or iPad without breaking out the Bose headset. 

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@Eric in Tulsa

being able to accept the call and have our voices picked up without needing to use the phone for those two functions is very convenient!  I am hoping Med-El incorporates those functions in future internal BT connectivity features

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