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Input on whether to op for a Rondo-3 and a Sonnet-2 or two Rondo-3s

Ken Henderson

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Hello to all,

I am a CI candidate and am researching the different CI options that are available.  The audiologist mentioned to me that if I go with Med El that they offer an extra CI at no additional cost as a backup.  The extra CI could be the same as the primary or I could get a different CI (i.e. two Rondo-3 or two Sonnets-2 or a Rondo-3 and a Sonnet-2). I'm more interested in the Rondo-3 but are there instances where I might want the second CI to be the Sonnet-2? Are there certain listening situations where I might do better with the Sonnet-2 vs the Rondo-3.  And what these types of situations are where I might want to change to the other CI (i.e. noisy situations, restaurants, in the car, on the phone, when with family, swimming)?

Appreciate any input.




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@Ken Henderson

congratulations on qualifying for a CI.

I suggest getting a Rondo 3 and a Sonnet 2.  This way you can use both in various situations and learn which style you prefer.  Going forward for upgrades, we only get one processor per ear so this two processors connected to surgeries is a great opportunity to get one of each style and experiment in your real life.


I prefer the Rondo style in and on the water and its waterwear cover is form fitting (no extra bulk) and so comfortable.  I also prefer Rondo at times when others may need to assist with my processors (in the hospital, etc).  It’s a very easy processor to use and to explain to others.


I prefer the Sonnet style in my everyday life as the streaming of audio options are better.  AudioStream with direct from phone/tablet to Sonnet is amazing.  Artone BT neckloop on T (streamed audio only) or MT (50/50 mix) is very convenient and truly hands free for calls.  Having a built in telecoil in the Sonnet is convenient when in looped settings.


Both Rondo 3 and Sonnet 2 share the same speech processing and sound management features.  They should sound the same to you.


Let us know what you decide.


I’m going to tag @Joan as she is a Rondo style fan and might have a different view to share.

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@Ken Henderson as @Mary Beth said, congratulations on qualifying for a CI!

I also suggest you get one of each type processor when you are implanted. Which will better suit your needs is a personal decision based on your lifestyle and activities. Having each style available to you as you settle in as a CI user is a big benefit in making that decision. 

When I was implanted (I was bilaterally implanted in 2014, 7 months apart) I chose an Opus2 (the precursor to the Sonnet) and a Rondo1 for each ear. While I intended to use the Opus2s as my “main” processors, within my first week of activation I decided I much preferred the Rondos for their off-the-ear ease of wearing. And, quite truthfully, I have worn my Rondos at least 95% of the time since!

For me, about the only times I have preferred the Opus2s were when I want to wear a visor rather than a baseball or other style hat (a visor fits more securely over the Opus magnet than over a Rondo) or when I was going to be in a large, jostling crowd, where a Rondo might get knocked off.

As Mary Beth said, when upgrading (five years later) you will receive only a single processor. By the time I was eligible to upgrade my processors in 2019, it was an easy decision for me to stay with the Rondos. I still have my Opus2s and, although they are obsolete as far as parts and repairs, my audiologist can (and does) still update them for me at each MAPPing session, so I can still use them if needed.

I have not used the AudioStream that Mary Beth uses with her Sonnets. While my Rondo2s do have a built in telecoil and I love streaming and doing hands-free phone calls using my Artone Max3 neck loop, it is my understanding there are technical issues with the Rondo3 telecoil adapter and usage. I hope those issues will be resolved.

Wishing you all the best as you move forward in your CI journey. It’s an incredible experience!

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Thank you so much Joan and Mary Beth for your input regarding my question.  

Greatly appreciated!


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Agreed with the above. I also thought I was going to use the Rondo more and almost got 2, but am glad I opted for one of each. In my case, The Rondo, even with the strongest magnet struggles to stay on as my head as it is still healing 2 months post surgery, but its slowly getting better. I still think I'll end up using the Rondo more longer term, but for now I use my sonnet the majority of the time.

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