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ok so people on this forum keep saying you need to be on a strict diet to get gains thats not true i did a few cycles of sustanon 250 one ml a week each cycle was about 12 weeks and i ate like i always do like shit i worked out only 30 mins at the gym hard as hell 5 days a week and put on 15 pounds each cycle of shredded muscle and used no pct and still kept all my gains and that was with just 250 mg of test mix so everyones different the only way your gonna find out is by giving it a shot. you might be prone to every side effect there is or no side effects at all go for it https://jbhnews.com/buy-dianabol-uk-the-legality-and-supply-of-dianabol-in-the-uk/29754/ if your mind is set on it but do your self a favor and pay attention keep a journal and watch your body start at low dosages cause if you take high dosages you wont get results and youll mess.your self up for nothing you can always up them and if possible start with test for your first cycle you will deff be happy and youll feel alil safer not safe but safer and to answer your question dbol takes time to get in your system like all anobolics some faster then otber but 4 weeks is not long enuff to really get the gains but 4 weeks is deff enuff to see if your gonna get any side affects so try it if its working and your getting the results you want and theres no side affects then i suggest you do the whole 8 week cycle i tried simplifying it for you cause everyone wants to copy and paste all the science they see on the web and if your a beginner and dont understand it your gonna get confused and do alot of harm to your self cause someone else wanted to seem smart and paste words the normal person cant even pernounce take care be carful and pay attention youll be fine

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