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About CI activating videos...

Ivana Marinac

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My mistake, been a while.

Don't get me wrong I totally agree with you. It boggles my mind. The bottom Lin is that we live in and have to function in a hearing world. It is much easier if you can hear. Why not get the CI? If you go to a deaf friends house, don't wear it. This way you have the ability of functioning well in both worlds. I personally don't see how getting one with mean you are turning your back on your culture or upbringing.

If you have seen Sound and fury, check it out.

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I am not wondered with this attitude anymore - I know that as well the unfortunate history of deaf education.

I can understand that deaf person has its own assurance based on their inexpirience or conclusion, but I still don't understand those CODA children who hear well. It's not natural. People should have their possibility to choose - on that ground I based personal opinion that you wish to remain deaf but I can't understand the assurance that you know better for someone else.

And you do not respect somebody else's personality.

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