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Hello....newbie here


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Hi everyone!

I have been lurking around the website for a while but just got the courage up to introduce myself. I am currently undergoing a trial with the Adhear and a Phonak Cros system. I am also a candidate for a bone bridge implant as well (moderate to severe conductive loss on my right, mild conductive loss on my left). I am feeling quite overwhelmed with the choices and trying to decide if I am even ready to start using a device. I have been hard of hearing since I was a child (chronic ear infections, multiple tympanoplasties and sets of tubes). I have adapted over the years quite well but with the pandemic I have had a much harder time. Also, my family gets frustrated with me at times because I can be difficult to communicate with so I am looking into my options. I have both the Cros and Adhear for a 2 week trial. So far my experience has been that the Adhear is easy to use and I can tell an improvement. I like not having anything in my ears as I have small ear canals. It does however seem to sound like I am in a can when I first put it on which seems to improve with time. It also seems to pick up a lot of other background noise that I could do without, especially wind. I am active outdoors so this is a big downside for me. I like the sound of the Cros. It sounds more natural but having the receivers in my ears has been challenging. Getting them in my ears is hard and my ears get sore after wearing them a while. I am most curious about the sound quality of the bonebridge. I am nervous about going through surgery only to find that I am not happy with the sound quality. Placement of the implant is a big concern for me as well. I need to be able to at least wear a bike helmet. The big plus to the bone bridge is the insurance coverage. Cost of the others is quite high but the audiology department I am working with has a payment plan. Any experiences anyone could share with me regarding any of these devices would be much appreciated. 

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