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Sonnet 2 versus Rondo 3


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I am in dire need of getting an upgrade.  I currently have an Opus2.  My cable is getting shorted out and there is not one in stock, therefore, I will need to upgrade.  I was given the options of Sonnet 2 and Rondo 3.  The Sonnet would be similar to what I have.  In reading the information on the Rondo 3, I like the idea of it being a lone processor without the ear part.  I have had the ear clip since I was a child and I am 45 now.  My concern is "losing" the processor or it falling off accidently.  I read in some comments that several preferred Sonnet and several preferred Rondo.  I am excited about the bluetooth so I won't have to use big headphones to listen to music or can use with hands free phone or use with the TV!   I am active... sweat a lot outside which I have to take my implant off so it won't get wet, go out on the boat all summer long (I take it off while on the boat), wear ballcaps in the summer to prevent the sweat getting to the implant.  Wish I could get both!  Ha.  I would appreciate any advice so I can decide what to choose!  And apparently I need to choose ASAP and get the process started!  Thank you!

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So, the Rondo 3 requires intermediary devices to stream via Telecoil via both adapter and neckloop as well as TV streamer.  Many folks dislike that and many enjoy it.   The Sonnet 2 requires the just Audiostream to stream directly from devices.  TV via Audiolink I gave up on until MedEl decides to add an option for a Toslink connection many modern TVs utilize as am not willing to fiddle with adapters and such.  

The Rondo 3s magnet strength is a hit or miss with folks.  Personally, I have the strongest magnet and that does fine through sweat, heat and activities.  Also have Sonnet 2.  Have never used a clip to date nor felt the need for it even being in Boston with insane winds this year (everybody’s complaining).  

Have yet to figure out a decent solution to hats but also haven’t really focused much on it.  When/if I do wear a hat then I use the Sonnet 2 since the coil is much lower and easier to deal with than the Rondo 3.  There is a faint rumor the next Rondo will be slimmer but that’s a ways off.  

So YMMV but for what you’re describing, the Sonnet 2 may be a better bet.  Personally, I started off with mainly the Rondo 3 however because I’m not a fan of neckloops (or anything of the sorts) or the poor sound quality of Telecoil, I’ve moved to mainly the Sonnet 2.  The Audiostream streaming just makes it all seamless without needing anything else.  

I honestly don’t know, but is there a way to trial them before making your decision?  Probably not as they’re not as readily available unlike HAs.  >.<

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