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Hello everybody

Arnaud, 49y,  from Nantes, France. 

I've been wearing hearing aids on both ears for 30 years now, with slow but continuous hearing loss, and will normally be implanted on 30th of june, looking at CI brands for months and almost made my choice for a Rondo3 ! 

Both impatient and stressed by this new journey back to "normally" hearing people ! 😉

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It is an exciting and anxious time!  Wishing you the best on your CI journey!

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@ArnaudChairman Mao is often misquoted as originating the saying that a 1,000 kilometer journey starts with a single step. Our journey, with the CI, may start with a single step but what is so special is that it is a step from which there is no turning back. If you will, it is a leap into the unknown. No wonder it is both exciting and anxious at the same time.

Most of us on this forum have taken that step. Few, if any, seem to regret it it.

Good luck and keep the faith!

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Thank you everybody for your messages ! I meet the surgeon by the end of the month to validate my CI journey, this will be my first step 😉

I also met some implanted people, very useful and interesting to get details from their experiences. 

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