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  2. Juicy peach at lunch today. Sounded like rain really. Sound effect complimented flavor and texture really well
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  4. @Mary Beth I knew about that one when I was deaf. That's why I don't use other people's cell phones.
  5. @Jewel Lots of surprises for us in public restrooms! I never realized people talk on their cell phones while in bathroom stalls!
  6. @Megan L. Sure hope you are settling into your city apt! So cool!
  7. 1. Light drizzle outside my house 2. Birds chirping away while I'm sitting in bumper to bumper traffic 3. Two coworkers carrying on a conversation in separate cubicles in the restroom 4. My coworker talking to me while I'm outside washing my hands and she's still in a cubicle! None of this was possible a year ago! Happy dance! πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ
  8. The squeak and creak of my new apartment πŸ˜† HAHA The hustle and bustle and honking taxis of NYC to remind me how far I’ve come since Parsons! And being able to carry a full blown conversations with my coworkers without having to see their faces!!
  9. @lizjlong follow this link and then scroll down to see Rondo 2 fixation options, including GripWear https://www.medel.com/hearing-solutions/accessories/fixations
  10. @Kylie @MallaRuth @mgfiest @Kara of Canada @VeroNika @Valentin @Percy @Sandy @Cara Mia
  11. @Mary Beth Yep, and hail too! And thanks for agreeing with my granddaughter!😊
  12. @Joan and hail too? Smile Your grand daughter is right!
  13. @Jdashiell Good for you! Was this with your Rondo/Rondo 2 or Sonnets?
  14. @lizjlong start at the top of page 1
  15. @lizjlong scroll to the top
  16. My favorite sounds this week..... Rain on the roof Trees rustling in the wind Birds and more birds Laughter Hearing my six-year old granddaughter tell me I’m the best Grammy in the whole world!
  17. Yay! Congratulations @lizjlong! Which CI center do you use? I go to NYEE in NYC. Rondo 2 may stay in place better after your internal swelling subsides a bit. In the meantime, you can use Med-El GripWear to help it stay in place better. As far as knocking it off against pillows or headrests.....you will get better about positioning your head in time. Is your Rondo 2 located near your ear or closer to the back of your head? Each CI audiologist has different rules we must follow after activation. My CI audiologist said the CI had to be on all waking hours and I could use my other HA as needed as long as I spent several hours every day with the CI alone. So I wore my CI and HA at work and spent the remaining time CI only in the early days. I increased my CI only time each week. I will tag you in some threads about aural rehab. I worked on aural rehab a lot every day and it helped me tremendously. Wishing you the best!
  18. Hearing and replying to context with store clerks- kind of took me by surprise as a noisy environment. Also hearing better on phone calls
  19. Updated May 21st! Congratulations on activation @lizjlong
  20. Updated May 21st! Congratulations on activation @lizjlong
  21. My favorite sounds this week.... -happy chirp from our cat -old 80s songs on the car radio with the windows down -rain hitting the windows -teenagers joking across the classroom -knitting needles clicking -food sizzling on the hot grill
  22. Let’s get this started.... @Mary Featherston @Jewel @Joan @Angie @Dave in Pittsburgh @Jdashiell @sassychele02 @Megan L. @Nikki @Carolmarie I tagged 10 members to start. All are welcome to join in and tag more members.
  23. Hello! Not sure if anybody can be of assistance but I have bilateral sensioneural hearing loss. I had my surgery (right ear, worse ear) on April 12. Today my implant was activated. I was told by my audiologist to NOT wear my left hearing aid for as much as possible so that my brain get start getting "used" to hearing with the implant. That being said, i'm hearing very little. The implanted ear (i'm wearing the Rondo 2) has been programmed with 4 maps. I was told to "change" the maps every 48 hrs and see which is most comfortable. Right now, I'm underwhelmed but I kind of expected that. I desperately want to hear everything "in stereo" again. Right now it is very low volume, tinny, and dull. I am "anxious" to start any rehab activities that will help me. Also, has anybody felt that the Rondo 2 will fly off very easily? I know that there is a clip and my magnet is a 3 right now because my incision scar is relatively new. I tried to sit on the couch and put my head back to rest and I feel like it's going to fall off Also, when pressed against a pillow , it squeals a bit... Back to work tomorrow, and I will be trying not to put the left hearing aid in, which is going to be a challenge. But i'm determined to make this work!! If anybody (new or old activations) has any pointers/advice for rehab, getting comfortable with wearing the processor and the challenge of having one hearing aid and one implant. I would be very grateful. Thank you! Liz Long
  24. Time for some fun. Share your favorite sounds this week.
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