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  2. This is good to know. Thank you...
  3. With and without it is very loud musical at time yesterday my head hurts so I didn’t wear my rondo2 the tinnitus was soft organ music all day when I roll over in my sleep the tinnitus start up again so it take me a while to go back to sleep i try to be strong and patient i love my rondos I hear so much more just need the tinnitus gone
  4. @Carolmarie Good luck tomorrow at your appt. Are you noticing the tinnitus when your processor is on or just when you remove it?
  5. @Sandy123 When I asked Med-El about that they said to charge it. These batteries do not need to drain completely between charges.
  6. I will see my Audi on tuesday I hope for a good mapping any idea on how to get rid of titinni
  7. I am getting the hang of these re-chargable batteries no problem. Question is it worth while to put a battery in the charger before bed that still has some charge in it? Or should I continue to use it the next day and let the charge drain?
  8. @iHM24 The Sonnet swap program in the US is only for new surgery kits. Those of us already using Sonnet1, cannot swap. We must purchase Sonnet 2 ourselves or when our individual insurance will approve it.
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  10. Unfortunately, we don’t have a swap program. We should purchase the new device each time or using your device for 7 years you will got new one but I’m not sure this program will continue because it’s fully supported from government.
  11. @Mary FeatherstonI am with you on the disposable batteries I also use them I know how long they will last and if I have to I can change them ahead of time if I will be doing something or going somewhere and helping the environment. I’ve had the disposable batteries die on me at inappropriate time.
  12. That's us! On Friday I had a dental appointment, and as my dentist is over an hour from my new job I didn't go to work at all - went to the dentist, had lunch with a friend, and then worked from home in the afternoon. My friend and I had a nice lunch at a Thai place across the street from my dentist's office and then popped into this shop around the corner - it's all dog stuff, treats and toys and beds and whatnot. We were buying dog treats when a woman there asked me about my CIs, and we ended up talking for almost half an hour. She was a writer, doing some stuff on contract for Cochlear Americas and just kept asking questions! And me, I talk, you know? We talked about the rehab process and what it's been like to be a CI recipient. I always like to have a chance to talk about what an amazing (but not necessarily easy) thing it is to be a CI recipient.
  13. @Sandy123 Mine stabilized at 9.5 hours. It will depend to some extent on your MAP. I have a strong bias against single-use things so I'm really loving rechargeable batteries - I've spent my life throwing out hearing-aid batteries and love that I don't have to do it anymore. I carry the battery wallet with me all the time and just swap out a battery when I need to. No biggie. I've changed batteries while walking through the plant at work, sitting in restaurants, in meetings, in the car. It will become something you just do.
  14. Oh wow, I am getting 12.5 so far. I will get used to changing them I am sure. But with hearing aids my disposables were lasting 12 days. However I was living in a quiet world....
  15. Thank you so much for forwarding the links, they have answered many of my questions.
  16. @Sandy123 When my right side was activated with OPUS2 that rechargeable battery lasted many more hours at first before my MAPs were fully up to speed for some reason. Sonnet standard rechargeable batteries always start off at 10.5 hours for me but within a couple of months are under 9 hours. Other people have better luck with them. Med-El swapped out everything and the same exact thing happened again so I use disposable batteries.
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  18. How long do your re-chargeable batteries last? I am finding with brand new standard batteries just over 12 hours....
  19. @Rita Marquez I hope your Meniere’s calms down soon.good luck on the 31st! @Sandy123 terrific! Exciting days!
  20. Ha ha it's quite the adventure these cochlear implants lol
  21. Wishing everyone the best. So far I am hearing and understanding speech so much better I can't believe it... 🙂
  22. My doctor said maybe the Ménière's will be less to none now that the implant is in place because there is a hole allowing drainage. I hope after the initial healing, that will be so. I feel better today. Hopefully, this is it for this attack. I still have an equilibrium problem. But I hope resuming my walking and yoga will help my brain adjust and correct this. I’m going for mapping on 31 July to start my journey to improving my hearing. Excited!😆
  23. Sonnet 2 link https://blog.medel.com/sonnet2-cochlear-implant-audio-processor/
  24. Rondo 2 link https://blog.medel.pro/rondo-2-single-unit-processor/
  25. Info on Automatic Sound Management (ASM) https://www.medel.com/us/automatic-sound-management/
  26. Med-El processors all have automatic sound management (ASM) That help us hear our best. There are presently three different versions of ASM in use. ASM 1 : Rondo 1, OPUS2 and the new Rondo 2 use ASM 1. I love the sound quality and ease of use of ASM 1. We have many happy Rondo 2 users. I have OPUS2 and Rondo 1 in ASM 1. ASM 2: Only Sonnet 1 uses ASM 2. It introduced dual mic settings of a forward focus (natural) and adaptive beam (adaptive) but also kept the one mic all directions setting option (omni). It also introduced wind block settings of OFF, MILD and STRONG. ASM 3: Only Sonnet 2 uses the new ASM 3. This uses adaptive intelligence to automatically manage the settings based on the listening environment. It also adds the features of ambient noise control (fans, motors) and transient noise control (slamming door, glass breaking). Lots of tech involved to help us hear our best. Interesting stuff. I think Med-El does a great job of designing this because I use ASM 1 in all settings without changing anything and hear very well. I use ASM 2 on my Sonnets. I prefer the omni mic setting on Sonnets but can switch to adaptive mic setting in very loud places if I remember to do it. Smile. I just put my CIs on when I wake up and go about my day. If I want to listen to an audiobook, podcast, etc I use the tiny Artone 3 MAX BT neckloop and stream. Sonnet 1 and Sonnet 2 will use the new AudioLink intermediary device that Med-El just announced. In the US, Med-El is expecting release of Sonnet 2 and AudioLink near the end of 2019 according to their FB posts. The app (AudioKey) which works with Sonnet 1 & 2 is expected in the app stores in August. The external processors and accessories for streaming audio change frequently. The internal implant we hope to use for decades.
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