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  2. @Marv I am so sorry you are experiencing this unpleasant sound with the processor on and also with the processor off your ear. That must be unsettling. I have tinnitus and have had it since I was 13. When my CIs are on, I do not notice it at all. When I take my processors off before bed, I hear my tinnitus but it is much quieter than it used to be before receiving CIs. Does this seem like tinnitus to you or something else?
  3. I've started having a problem and wondering if I'm the only one who has had it. I have bilateral Sonnets (Synchrony implants) and Rondo 2's. Yesterday morning I put the Sonnets on and the left one started buzzing and crackling and popping (static). It would stop then start up again when it amplified a sound. I took the Sonnet right off of my head and the noise kept going off and on. I switched to the Rondos and took the left Rondo off of my head with the same results, crackling and buzzing off and on. During the night I woke up several times to the noise and would be awake from maybe ½ hour before the noise would subside to where I could sleep again. Yesterday I emailed Med-el and my audiologist but haven't hear back from ether one yet. I hope I don't go crazy before the problem get solved.
  4. @Tracey_66 Make sure your Rondo 2 is on M setting. Not MT. You do this with your remote.
  5. I know it's only three days but and yes practice. I get static noise with Hoover etc but I've been having robotic conversation sort of. So puzzled and it's constant. On Friday when there was too much of it to process there was a lag. So I'm wondering if it's something maybe the specialist can fix on her computer?
  6. Thank you. @Jewel @Mary Beth I've not got problems with it. I'm getting a vocal robotic warning sign not associated with the battery. I've charged it up over night. So don't think it's that . I'm seeing the specialist again on Tuesday. But I'm trying to work it out . It is becoming persistent. so will look up On the Rondo 2 here, to see if it can shed some light on the matter.
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  8. Congrats @Tracey_66 You're off to a good start. I found that immersing myself in sound helped a lot. Even reading aloud to yourself works wonders. That's the first thing my audi recommended after activation. Please keep us posted on your hearing journey.
  9. @Tracey_66 Yes Med-El electrode arrays work off of 12 electrodes that are MAPped by our audiologists. WOW! You are off to a terrific start! Every day will bring new WOW moments! Enjoy your journey and keep us posted!
  10. Well where do I start!!! We got there 20 minutes early . All masked and gloved. I have only 12 electrodes and 3 programmes. As soon as all switched on, I think robots came to town and seriously having a party!! Interestingly as the day went on and after a charging up the Rondo2 it was evolving but still robotic. By early evening vocal sounds especially my mum had improved although it was fluctuating between robotic and trying to sound sort of feminine if you see what I mean. I was not expecting anything on day 1. Expected to get something within the month yes. So was really surprised. Picked up a robotic indicator sound in the car on the way back home. Actually got to noticed music on tv later in the evening!! Although very distorted and distant. So day 2. What's next!!!!!
  11. I don’t like to recommend phones to people because everyone has different standards. With that being said I have a Kyocera. They are built tough for people who work construction. I don’t work construction but I am tough on phones, I dropped it from my pocket into about two foot of water in which it rested for about five minute before I figured out how to retrieve it and it still worked fine. The reason that I recommend you checking out this phone is that it seems to have more volume than other phones that I have had in the past. I don’t use any assistive devices with the phone. I just hold it near the Rondo 2 processor and I have to turn the phone volume down to half volume. Stands to reason that they may have a little more volume being build for construction workers in a noisy environments. What ever phone that you are interested it get them to demo it at the store so that you can see first hand how the clarity works for you.
  12. I don't have experience with the Roger, yet at least. But, from a phone perspective, if you're partial to Android you can't go wrong with pretty much any Samsung device; they're just about the standard (and they've gotten vastly better about putting out regular updates the past couple of years). My wife and I both have the Galaxy S10+. If not Samsung, I'd recommend a Pixel 3A/4 (the 4A will be coming out soon, and the 5 in the fall more than likely). EDIT - the Pixel 3A is on sale right now $120 off direct from Google as it turns out.
  13. I have an iPhone 8 and the sound quality is good. I haven’t used an android phone lately. @Neil
  14. No, but I looked it up at your mention and will keep it in mind. I think I first should get a new cell phone. So, I will shop around on that...Thanks
  15. @Neil Have you tried using the Artone BT neckloop instead?
  16. And explore our REHAB folder for lots of activities @@Dylan
  17. @@Dylan check our rehab activities here
  18. I have a Samsung Galaxy Core Prime phone that is probably about 5 years old. And to me the sound is sometimes terrible, with and without the Roger pen. With the Roger pen the sound is very "bassy", almost echoing. And some calls are terrible (though the other caller can also have a bad phone). But I am wondering if anyone has found any particular phone that works well with the pen?
  19. Welcome! There are great rehab resources in that section of this forum.
  20. I finally figured out how to get into this HearPeers forum. I am newly implanted with the Med-El Synchrony CI. I've been wearing my Sonnet 2 processor since last Tuesday, which was my activation day. Up until about 2 months ago, I wore a hearing aid in my left ear and I did not use a hearing aid nor could I hear out of my right ear. A head injury caused my hearing to change drastically and the hearing aid no longer functioned for me. My Otologist strongly recommended the CI and I underwent surgery in mid-April. It was a strange and nerve wracking experience being in the hospital during this pandemic, but the staff was excellent and they allowed me to lip read so we could communicate. Right now I am getting the hang of this new way of hearing. I am not as wild about the Rondo 2 as I thought I would be and I probably should try it a bit more to see if I really don't like it. Also, I am struggling to find aural rehab activities, which surprises me as I expected there would be plenty of those. Most of what I do find is more appropriate for children. So, I am kind of improvising with various tasks here and there with my family, friends, and on my own. I have read a few posts/comments in the forum about how loud it is after activation. I can say this is certainly loud for me and I am only on program 2 and need to get to program 4 by the end of June! I can't even imagine it at this point. Anyway, I've probably said too much but I wanted to introduce myself. I will explore this forum more over the next few days and try to get a profile photo somehow (everything I have seems to large). I am looking forward to connecting with all of you!
  21. And here is a link to how to use the forum @@Dylan https://forum.hearpeers.com/forum/6-how-to-use-the-hearpeers-forum/
  22. This is where you can introduce yourself to us @@Dylan
  23. @Tracey_66 Very interesting! Tell us all about it after you get home safely!
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