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Facial Stimulation and chirping


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I’m finally rescheduled for May 19 with my AuD, hoping for no more accidents/incidents to set this one back. 

I’m still plagued by chirping and occasional facial twitching, almost a year in now. It’s worse with the Rondo 3 than with the Sonnet 2 EAS but still apparent. Any further things we could look at/adjust?

Still looking for a better MAP so the sounds are more natural, crisp/clear, etc. 

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I am glad you have a appt.

I suggest asking your audiologist to test and set each threshold manually (all electrodes).  For this test you are connected to her computer and listen for the quietest sound you can detect.  Then your audiologist sets the threshold quieter than that because for Med-El thresholds are the loudest sound on each electrode that we do not hear.

Then do the regular loud but not uncomfortable test for each electrode.


I hope you and your audiologist figure this out soon.

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Oh my Lord that much be graining and stressfully at the same time, I hope everything goes smoothly this time. 

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Appointment went well. Did volume testing with tones and readjusted slightly. It’s been about two hours now and so far my brain hasn’t suddenly decided it no longer likes the new MAP. Fingers crossed for zero flip flopping between loving and then hating this MAP. 

As I had a significant drop off of wearing my processors, game plan is to wait til late July for my next appointment which is already scheduled, and try to get back up to consistent daily use of at least 6 hours. Med-El is also due for another visit soon so hopefully this time the schedules will work out. Provided I can get back to consistent use, July’s appointment will focus on booth/other testing. 

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