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L Johns

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Not long ago both my ear drums burst. One was not painful at all while the right was extremely painful. I spent a week in the hospital getting intravenous antibiotics for fluid buildup within my ear canals. Prior to all this (I’m 63) I could always hear myself speaking. Sometimes loud others not so much. Since the ear drum incident I still can no longer hear my own voice. I feel very out of sorts. I always thought everyone could hear their own voice. I can still hear my inner voice (always could) but that’s all. I can hear others but for the last 20+ years I’ve had trouble understanding what people are actually saying even though I hear them. Sometimes what they said will pop into my head only after they’ve actually stopped talking for 10 or 15 seconds. 
All in all, how can I regain the ability to hear my voice. I have no idea how loud I’m speaking.  I sill have fluid build up and my ear drums are not moving. I’m sure I’ll be getting tubes to allow the fluid to drain. 

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