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How the forum works... duh


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I found loads of stuff to read so opened a lot of pages.

I wanted to mark that I'd read something that interested me with a 'like' (I know, I actually DISlike that but it seems the only way of 'commenting' without actually saying anything) but it turned out that after I'd 'liked' five times, my 'quota' for the day was done and I was no longer allowed to.

Or have I misunderstood? Very possibly :)

Please advise. I felt like I wanted to contribute if only by giving a 'like'... I can't remember now if I was even still allowed to comment.

Am I right, is there a daily quota? If so, what is the reason for this because I can't think of one. It really stymied me in my enjoyment of all the various topics I was trying to catch up on.

Thanks in advance for any advice.



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  • HearPeers Heroes

Yeah for some reason there seems to be a daily quota of likes! Odd, I agree. Especially now that the board is much more active.

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  • HearPeers Heroes

Yes, you're right but - don't be shy: if you have fulfilled your quota, put a smile in the topic. ;)

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