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Just Implnted!!!!


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After a two months of marathon process from taking a decision to go for CI to whole lot of time exploring the different CIs and finalizing one, I finally got implanted yesterday. 

Day 0 was quite well than I thought. The surgery was at 9am and I got admitted to hospital day before yesterday for pre surgery process which includes hair cut, signing some forms and get some antibiotics to prepare the body for what's coming I guess. 

I was keeping myself positive throughout the day before surgery, was visualising on the things before and after a surgery throughly so I can be prepare for any surprises. It really helps when you have read about stories from other patients.

So, I have been told not to drink water and avoid any food at all cost after 12 am on surgery day (9 hours before surgery). At 9am on surgery day, I was shifted to operation area and kept at waiting lounge. Where I have some time to kill alone, to keep my mind busy I have read the whole file of medical records of mine they have kept in my bed.

By the time I completed the reading, I have been moved to operation theatre. I just walked in and see plenty of doctors preparing for me. I said good morning to them, and assumed they greeted me too as they have a mask on and I couldn't hear anything. I was just hoping they are having a good day so far 😛

So one of them asked me to lie down on the bed at centre surrounded by whole lot of fancy machines I have seen in movies. I have couple of known doctors in the room so that was a kind of relief. One of them is from anesthesia department which is a crucial part in operation. It is something that knocked you off so you won't feel a damn thing. 😂

As soon as I lied down, he injected anesthesia which I knew already. By the time I said "Hey God, just take care it. Will you..", I have been knocked out. 😛 The next thing, I saw was my wife standing by my side in same waiting lounge and I found myself telling her, "Hey it's done. Good to see you. That Anesthesia was amazing". I was kind of high of drugs so I knocked out again. Later I found she was there because I was keep turning my head on the operation side so doc gave her a duty to keep it on right side. I have a loud tinnitus in my implanted ear that I can feel even with half consciousness but I have already knew it's normal.

At around 3pm I was shifted back to my room. I saw my parents waiting there. We greeted each other but I was still high. I just asked for water as my mouth was completely dry and taste like full of medicines but the doctor advised to give it after couple of hours that too just couple of sips at a time. So by 5pm I started intake of waters and by 8pm I was taking my dinner. So the recovery was quite fast.

At 5pm when I started taking water, the room was spinning for me like we saw stars spins in those videos of southern hemisphere. But after the dinner it was quite stable. There was a little to no pain at the side of surgery but that's because I was high on sedatives and still am by the time I am writing this (at 10:40 Day 1). The night went just well, I slept well and in the morning I am in my full senses. I have also realised the tinnitus has become normal by now.

I took my breakfast and find time to write this all down just to kill some time. I have read plenty of "before and after surgery stories" and mine is almost the same. Some takes time to recover and some recovers faster. But rest assured, the body is meant to recover. It's in our DNA and it knows what to do. With the help of modern science, it just make it the whole process painless as much as possible. 

I hope it helps someone who is currently awaiting for the surgery and feeling anxious and nervous.

Will keep posting as I live more with this engineering Marvel in my head. Just super excited about the future whatever it has to offer. 

Stay tuned!!!

PS: I have my whole story drafted here on how I went through the deaf journey if you are interested to read more.



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Hi jimit! I loved your story! Especially reading your complete medical file! 

Its great you are now through the surgery, cant wait for the next step! Take care and rest now

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Congratulations!  Rest easy.  The fun begins at activation!

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Glad the surgery went well, Jimit! Hopefully your recovery will be smooth too! Take it easy for now, it's best to let the body rest for a while until the healing process kicks in 🙂

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