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A different kind of silence


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I live just north of Toronto in Canada.  The past few days we've had some pretty bitter cold days but as the temperatures have warmed (everything being relative of course....it's still -12 C), we've also had snow.


I stepped out late in the evening, the snow had stopped falling for a couple of hours.  I wanted to clear my driveway before the cold night turned the snow into a sheet of hard crispy ice.  I could hear the scraping of the shovel against the stone and the thump of the snow as it landed when I threw it off to the side.  After all was cleared I put away the shovel and stepped back out onto my driveway.  It was getting late and there was no traffic or people about at all.  The snow muffled most of the sounds that I've gotten used to hearing since activation two years ago.


It was quiet...but not the sort of silence that comes from being deaf and the only sounds may be tinnitus or some deep rumble of a large passing truck.  This was quiet, but a clear quiet where the smallest sound was noticeable because it would stand out in stark relief against the snow muffled background.  I found myself grinning as I enjoyed this different kind of silence.



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Hi John.


Great to see you are able to appreciate those differences on sound!. Thanks for sharing. It's very encouraging for people like me who are waiting for a CI for my little son. Smile.


BTW: Hey, I lived in Markham with a family about 22 years ago! Did the weather warm and now it's -12C? Wow. Surprised. Thanks to God I went on summer...


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yeah Javier...I guess it did get a bit warmer.  But the winter lasts longer so here we are in April and I'm staring out my window at snow falling <again>.

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