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2 year old with moderate to mild hearing sensineural loss in both ears


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Hi I am new to this forum. I live in hudson county nj with my son who is now 2 years old. I am still very much clueless about his hearing loss and feel like time is running out for my son to learn to speak well enough to start school. He is exposed to both english and spanish, spanish being his primary language in the home.  I don't know of other parents in my situation, so I don't know what to compare my situation to. I am here to see if anyone that has been or is still in my situation, that can offer some advise as far as the kind of care I should be seeking for him so that he grows up to be a happy and healthy child with every advantage possible like any other child born with normal hearing. I am also looking for a pediatric audiologist and pediatrician who can give my son the proper health care he needs. Thanks very much!

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welcome to HearPeers.  In the US, children with hearing loss can receive necessary speech and language services from their early intervention program/school district.  If your son is not yet connected to these services contact your local school district to find out how to start the process.  Wishing your son the very best.

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