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Can somebody here who has an Opus (1 or 2 it doesn't matter) take a photo of their external hardware assembly (processor, cable, and coil connected) and publish it here with a release under a CC-BY-SA 4.0 license? Right now almost everything in the MED-EL photo category is a copyright violation awaiting deletion or very poor quality/low resolution. I've tried asking the company to release photos under a Wikipedia-compatible license but they haven't done it and don't seem very willing to right now. (It seems the company prefers repeatedly uploading photos from the website to Wikimedia, watching them get deleted for being from the website without a proper license release, and the uploads new photos once the old ones get deleted, which makes it impossible to maintain a good photo gallery)

Anyway, can anybody here who still has an Opus take a picture of it and post it here with a statement releasing the photo under a CC-BY-SA 4.0 or CC0 license? 

Example of style of photo Wikipedia needs (https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:AB_Naida_Q90_in_"Petrol"_color.jpg😞 the person who took this pic was a kind redditor who took the photo of their AB processor on top of a white sheet of paper, and then posted a comment releasing it under a Wikimedia-compatible license.


Anyway, thank you so much!

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