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Just a Wikipedia editor here


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I figured I should introduce myself here so that I can better explain things.

I am a Wikipedia editor, and while I edit on lost of random topics, I do a lot of work with trying to find photos under licenses permitted by Wikipedia (such as CC-BY-SA 4.0, public domain, etc) so that they can be used in articles. My most recent pet project has been trying to find photos of various cochlear sound processors, since only a tiny percent of the photos of these things that are currently on Commons are usable (some being blurry, other too low resolution, and many are copyright violations that will soon be deleted). A while ago I posted on reddit asking for people with certain sound processors to photograph their devices and release the photos under a Wikipedia-compatible license, and while I was able to get a few photos of relatively recent Cochlear and Advanced Bionics devices, which I have put in Wikipedia, I was not able to get any photos of MED-EL external hardware (after all, its a less common brand). And that's quite a problem for Wikipedia because most photos in the MED-EL category are unsuitable for use in Wikipedia articles (being copyright violations awaiting deletion). I really want to include a gallery of historic and modern MED-EL processors in the MED-EL article to show how they've evolved over time and what the different models look like.

If some of you here can post photos of your devices (anything helps - pics Rondo and older ones like Opus and Tempo are needed) here and release them under a CC-BY-SA 4.0 license (just write in the photo caption that you release the photo under that license), it would greatly help Wikipedia. I've tried writing to corporate and tried explaining this, but I feel like I've run into a brick wall there. So I hate to bother you all with this, and I this works out.

Example of the style of photo Wikipedia is seeking (blank background is a white sheet a paper that the device was placed on top of):




Thank you so much!

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Hey there, I might be able to help!!

So, I might have some photos of my old RONDO processors (1st gen), so I’ll start looking for those; and I could take a photo of one of my RONDO 3 processors at any time. I had a Sonnet and an Opus 2 also if you needed those, but no guarantees if I have photos since I have recently donated them to the Audiology Department at University of Tennessee - Knoxville… but I’m certain I could email them for photos if they still have them. 

let me know what you could use!

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