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Artone 3 and streaming to bimodel devices


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I'm wondering if I could use the Artone 3 to stream to both my Sonnet CI and my Phonak BT enabled hearing aid (Phonak Audeo M) at the same time from my iPhone12. The reason I'm asking is because I'm about to upgrade from my Sonnet to a Sonnet2. I'm not clear on exactly what my choice of accessories are with that upgrade but I think I get to choose either AudioStream or the AudioLink. I've read that people are not very happy with the sound quality of the Audiolink so I was thinking of going for the AudioStream. Unfortunately, I wouldn't be able to stream to both my CI and my hearing aid at the same time. If I went with the Audio- Stream option, would the Artone allow me to stream to both devices simultaneously when needed? My hearing aid does have telecoil and so does the Sonnet.

My hearing equipment will be Sonnet2, iphone12 and Phonak Audeo M90.

Thanks for help on these questions.



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Hi Shirley 


Yes since your hearing aid has an active telecoil you can use Artone 3 to stream to both Sonnet/Sonnet2 and your hearing aid.  Here is a captioned review of the Artone in case you are interested.  I have been using it for years.


If finances permit, you could select the AudioStream in your upgrade kit to experience direct from phone/tablet to Sonnet/Sonnet2 and purchase the less expensive Artone separately.  It can be purchased through Diglo or Amazon online for about $139.  Or it can be purchased through Med-El for a higher price that comes with a 2 year warranty I believe.

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