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New CI - focus on Rondo


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OK I too am a newbie.

My surgery was Mar 24, and activation 5 weeks later on April 29. I started out with the Sonnett (So very glad I got 2 processors?)  but 1 week later switched to Rondo.

1) I like that it is a single unit. Simplistic.

2) I like the my eyeglasses rule the real estate of my ear finally. As I used to me binaurally fitted with BTE HAs.

BUT, the battery life eats 3 batteries, UGH

Why can't we get these processors with rechargeable batteries. Why not have a system that recharges AND cleans at the same time?


OK enough ranting.


I progressed fairly well in the first few weeks but now I find my progression has hit a plateau.

I feel that my CI hearing is missing the middle range of frequencies. I get bass and I get some highs, especially very high.

Missing the middle range make for muddy sounds and thus undecipherable speech. Telephone is tough.


I do find that using the Telecoil is helpful to understand.

I use the Quattro4 connected to my iPhone via Bluetooth and T setting on the FineTuner.

I also looped my home TV room so I can use the T setting as well. This helps me to understand the news, a movie and some of the NBA commentary.


But when I need to use the M setting (microphone of the Rondo) speech recognition is tough unless I am 3-4 feet away and facing the individual.

Despite all this I am very happy with my decision and with my progression to date. I just want to be hearing perfectly again, like I was 30 years ago! ;-)


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Duplicate post

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Jdashidell, you are in the beginning of the process and all will improve a lot. I am more interested in how you got both the Sonnet & Rondo togeather? are you from the USA or other please. I was activated in March of 2016 and picked the Rondo with no offer of both the Sonnet and Rondo togeather? Just asking for knowledge please. Thank you and good luck. Pat Tichenor in MI. USA

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