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Sonnet battery covers


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Has anyone experienced problems with their sonnet battery covers? Over the past 2 months I have filed warranty claims 4 times replacing cracked battery covers. That's 3 separate covers 4 times. They all split from the top down the right side. At first it started only on my left processor but then they started to crack on both processors.

Thankfully they have all been covered under warranty but I only have three covers. I am considering purchasing 3 more to give me a total of 6 so when 4 crack I still have to new ones to use until the replacements are sent.

I spend a great deal of time outside during the summer months, with that comes sweat. The consistent cracking of the covers has started to give me fear that the moisture will eventually cause damage to the control unit.

Thanks and Happy 4th to all my USA brothers and sisters.

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I have been using bilateral Sonnets for about 8 months and the battery covers have never cracked. I have read reports of others who have experienced cracked battery covers. The only suggestion people have been giving is to ensure that the covers are never slid on in the wrong orientation. I'm glad they are under warranty but that must be frustrating.

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My name is Doyle W. Hubbard, better known as "CarolinaPapa".  I have had a lot of problems with my Sonnets as well.  I have had my left side for about 15 months, and my right side for about 3 months.  Last summer, I had a lot of problems with sweat as well.  I had several replacements and at least two were cracked.  The others were damaged by the moisture slipping past the little black "O-Ring".  But, I have had an awful lot of other problems also with my hardware also. By the way, I currently am using MED-EL.

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