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Redness around magnet area under processor


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I have been feeling some pain around magnet on my skin under processor from last few days.

I got magnet of strength 5 on my activation day and I wear it for 15 days with minor pain and redness at end of the day every day but got it replaced with 4s afterwards. But it didn't help much so I changed it to 3s now.

I know due to higher magnet strength, this kind of pain is expected especially when you are wearing it through out the day for 14-15 hours consistently. But it's been 2 months since I activated so just wanted to know if this is normal and get better over time.

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A correct magnet strength will not cause any discomfort nor redness.

As we heal internally, it is common to need to decrease magnet strength.  We want to use the lowest magnet strength we can.  That helps keep the tissue between the external and internal magnets healthy.

The first sign of redness, pain, itchiness is time to address the magnet strength.

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@Jimit. I echo what Mary Beth has written. I wear a Rondo 3. I started at magnet strength 3, went to four for a short while, back to 3, then down to 2. All this in the first few months. I remained at 2 for about 10 months. At my last check, this week, I was reduced to 1. I have the tool and still have the magnets strength 2 & 3 should I feel the need to change. I have been advised to operate with the lowest magnet strength possible consistent with the Rondo staying in position.

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Thanks @Andrew42, I started with 3s from yesterday and my doctor prescribe one ointment to heal the redness on the skin also advise to keep the gauge piece in between the processor and implant to reduce the strength further till the area heals. Thankfully it still stay in position with gauge piece but I have a gut feeling that I still need to drop to 2s. 😛

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