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Activation of BB - how soon after operation?


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The manual for the BB Amadé Audio Processor says on p.33 on Initial Activation: "the patient should return for medical clearance and initial activation of the audio processor four weeks after implantation. An earlier activation should be avoided to ensure adequate healing". The german version of the manual is more explicit: "An earlier activation of the audioprocessor is not recommended, as the osseointegration of the cortical bone screws should be completed."


There was an article in the Daily Mail about Alastair, whose Bonebridge was switched on the same day the operation took place.


Like everyone in that situation, I was very impatient after the implantation and wonder whether the switch-on could take place sooner, and what precautions have to be taken. On the other hand, it makes sense that the screws should integrate well with the bone.


Does anyone have further information on this subject?


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Hi Regula,

I'm glad to hear your switch-on went well. Hopefully you will be able to sort out the minor problems you have experienced.

I have the same surgeon as Alastair - he is featured as one of the specialists on the Med El website/brochure - and he told me he will switch mine on the same day as the operation when I have mine done in March/April. He didn't feel there was any need to wait. I'm a little confused about why the advice is not the same for everyone.

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Ohh my , put on the reciver the same day!!

First of all, I hade my pressure bandage on for the first 12 hours after sugery.  Then bandage around the head for a week.

Seem really strange to me to attache the reciver to the magnetplate under the skin before skin has healed around the cut.


I´ve got my reciver activatet after at least 5 weeks.  Of course the there was a software failure then, so i hade to go home pretty much emtyhanded. I´s sorted out now but it took i while.




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MIne was switched on 2 days after surgery. It was supposed to be the day after but there was some mis-communication so it got delayed. It was just a couple of minutes though. Just to test if the implant was working. It's been 3 weeks now and i'm still waiting the surgeon's go signal.

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  • HearPeers Heroes

I have heard it both ways. i think just like with the CI, it really depends on the surgeon and audie and their preference. I was anxcious to get activated as well but wanted to make sure everybody was comfortable so i deffered to my audi. what she said goes.

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KInd of impatient too. I've been calling the surgeon and the audi when the switch on will happen but they said they're waiting for the wound to heal completely.

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