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Rondo 3


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Congratulations @Lila.


Are you upgrading from your present processor to a Rondo3 or are you having your CI surgery and your processor will be Rondo 3?

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@Lila. You have much more ci experience than I so I will confine myself to one area only: stability. By that I mean keeping the Rondo in position. I knock mine off regularly as I put on Jackets etc. It is a function of how I've done it for years but never had to worry about something sticking to my head. As a result, I do two things. First, I always wear a clip. Originally, I used a hair clip but have found for me a clothes clip works better. I have several spares because the line breaks occasionally.

Secondly, magnets. You should go with the weakest one that works for you, but I counsel having a variety of strengths and the tool needed to change them. Your operation was a while ago and so the area where the internal part of the processor is located should be very stable. In my first six months I had strengths 3,4,3 ,2 and finally 1. I have the 2 & 3 on standby if needed.

Hats and head covers. I live part of the time in the Alps where it doesn't get to Minnesota January levels but can be quite nippy and windy. You will find some of your Headware will work, but some won't. The gating aspects are: can I put it on and the keep the Rondo in place? Can I hear sufficiently well with the headcover on? It is a classic case of suck it and see.

Good luck.

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