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Toothbrush Philips Sonicare & Implant?


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My daughter is 4 and has cohlear implant (Sonata, OPUS 2) and she got Philips Sonicare toothbrush.

I am kindly asking you whether it take a risk of implant/processor damage with use of such toothbrush? Thanks for your help in advance.

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good evening,

I wouldnt imagine that there would be a problem using an electric toothbrush. I get my haircut VERY short shaved on the sides. my barber uses an electric razor. that vibrates and it passes right over my implants and I dont have any issues. That being said, your doctor knows her health history and would be a better person to answer that question.



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My 10-year old son has bilateral Med El CIs, and he prefers using his electric toothbrush (to a regular one).  He's never indicated that it bothers him in any way....and in fact brushes longer using the electric one!  Hope that helps,  Suzanne

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