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Dave in Pittsburgh

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I will be have my surgery on Oct 28 to get a CI following question I have are

after surgery will I have any hearing?

i go back in two weeks for check up on the surgery the an I go back in 2 more week to have the CI turned on and will I be able to hear then any info will be helpful









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Ask your surgeon if she/he is hoping to preserve any residual hearing that you have.  I did not have enough residual hearing to worry about.  I do not hear anything when my implants are off.


When you are activated a few weeks later, you will begin hearing through the implant.  It is a process and takes time for our brains to sort things out.  Check out aural rehab topics on here for some great advice.

Wishing you the best!

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Everyone is different. Some do hear on activation some don't. Some hear beeps bells and or whistles. Some can hear words. It does take time to improve though. It was about three months before I could listen to music where I had to use the lyrics as well to get it to where I could hear the words without them some things will come quickly and others will take a long time. It took about eight months before I was able to hear the radio where I would strain to listen. But it's coming along!! I'm at 10 months since activation. Best of luck. 

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