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Short Survey for Those Who Have Participated in Hearing Research


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This survey has been designed for a recommendation report I am writing for my technical writing course at the University of Maryland.  I am studying the effectiveness of the onboarding procedures in the Auditory Perception and Modeling Lab at UMD, and so this survey meant to conduct research on this matter in a broader audience.  Through your responses about your experiences at any research lab, I will be able to better understand the potential problems that poor training practices can cause with regard to how they affect hearing research participants in general and parallel your feedback to this specific lab.


Note:  Please only take this survey if you have participated in any type of hearing research in the past.  I appreciate your feedback, as it will help me provide concrete research in my upcoming report.


Here is the link to the survey:



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As a research fellow, I guess you should make a designation what type of implantees are needed for the research. :)

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Agreed Ivana, 

the parameters are a little vague. She didn't respond back so I guess she found another forum. 

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