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opus 2 coil cable prob here


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i am from india gujrat

my kids here 4  years 

waardenburg syndrome

i am medel cochlear implant here

but coil cable pin is 4 pin here second pin is damage here 1 years i am change 3 cable

please u making coil cable is strong





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Hi Vaghubha, thank you for reaching out to our community on HearPeers. I strongly recommend speaking with your local MED-EL Representative who will be able to assist you with your damaged device—I have sent you a private message with their contact details. Kind regards, Leigh

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I agree with Leigh 100%

we have a customer service rep assigned to a specific region that we live in. If we have any processor specific issues that we have questions on, they would be the 1st point of contact. They can help you troubleshoot any issues you might have, as well as get you taken care of if a part needs to be replaced. 

I hope all is well now. Please let us know how she is doing

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