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Preparations for pre and post surgery


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After a night of sleep post-surgery I thought that I would post my list of things I did or wished that I had done for pre and post-surgery.  Ideas collected from various sources.  

Please feel free to them. 


  • Furniture
    • Have a good chair for recovery (stuffed and/or recliner)
    • Can get a used one or in the US, they have rental chairs that can be delivered
    • Have it placed well for binge watching TV and have a laptop charger positioned well to make it easier to surf hearpeers.com!
  • Be prepared for throat irritation post-intubation
    • Have cough drops for sore throat from intubation.
    • Have foods like yogurt or ice cream available (starting off with tomato soup was a bad idea for me!)  Might want a variety in case there is temporary metallic taste to see what is tolerable but I was lucky to not deal with that.
    • Gargle supplies of warm water with baking soda and salt water
  • If you wear glasses, have the arm on that side removed. 
    • Good to do it in advance, my wife had to hunt for the right screwdriver - eyeglass combination.
    • Could take it to an eyeglass retailer for help if needed.
    • Use an old pair if you have it so that you can go back quickly to a normal pair
    • Pick your prescription glasses to use.  I have my single prescription distance pair adjusted but not a closeup or progressive so working on the computer is harder.
  • Coffee drinkers-plan for a possible caffeine headache after surgery
  • Bring a backup battery for cell phone if you bring a phone.
  • Bring something for taking notes and remembering questions to ask
  • Consider a traditional single sided bluetooth ear piece if you rely on headphones for the days immediately after surgery.
  • Clothing:
    • Wear a button shirt, no t-shirt to avoid pulling overhead
    • Crocs or sandals
    • Zippered pocket sweat pants can be nice for storing and not losing things

What other suggestions do people have?  I know many people have had 2 surgeries and some unfortunate people have had more than two.



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Good day! Thats a good list tim, and gives folks things to do while waiting for surgery day! 

I fetched favorite flavored soda, jello and pudding snacks, bottled water for taking meds, popsicle for sore throat ( didnt have one) and i took the temple arm off glasses before going lol. I had a great driver, my neice, who brought me jello to eat in the car! When i got home my nephews had made up two places for me to sit or sleep downstairs until i could go upstairs to my room. Also a candy bar on one, lmao! I used a timer for meds on schedule as i was afraid of pain. In a day and a half i was back to normal but very tired. 

Everyone is different!!! 

Cant wait to hear about your activation!

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