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Warranty support issue.

V meadows

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On Monday afternoon my 4 month old samba2 failed,  (the battery door).   My local clinic did not have any parts for repair and told me to call Med-el.    I called Med-el tech support and was Extremely happy  with their promptness and professionalism.   They said they would contact local audiologists for a copy of parameters and send a replacement.   Unfortunately audiologist was out of office and  the process got delayed.  Med-el was finally able to ship the replacement unit on Thursday.   Here is the issue, the unit was shipped fedex express saver,  so it will be next Tuesday before I receive my replacement unit. I could have easily had my replacement today ( Friday) but I will have to wait for an additional 4 days!  I am beyond frustrated!    

my excellent support experience was erased by a shipping decision.   

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@V meadows

I’m sorry this happened.  I have always had very fast shipments from Med-El USA under warranty.

You may wish to post this on Med-El US FB page so they see it and can respond.  

Being without our processors is very limiting.

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