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MAPping appt when the booth and real life do not line up

Mary Beth

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Today I had a MAPping appt.  It has been 16 months between appts which is unusual for me but other health issues needed to be tended to first.  I knew we needed to tweak my left MAP as it was no longer balanced in volume with my right and no longer sounded full.

When I arrived we ran a quick warble test in the booth.  That test showed that both my ears were detecting tones at all frequencies at almost the exact same loudness level.  In other words- balanced.

But my perceived sound was definitely not balanced.

Here is where working with an awesome CI audiologist and being able to describe the sound  comes in.  It took several different approaches to reach a balanced full sound again.  It was not just simply increasing the most comfortable loudness levels.

I encourage you to talk with your audiologists when things are not sounding right in your real life.  Even when testing indicates things are set well.

I am happily listening with balanced full sound again.

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