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Cochlear Implants and large electric motors

Mike C

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Hi All, I'm new to the forum so please excuse any mistakes. I am on the waiting list for a CI(Cochlear Implant). I am nervous about the effects of large electric motors on the CI. I work as an operator in a large industrial plant. My hearing aids are ok, so I hope CI will be also. Has anyone any experience like this? The equipment I am operating has induction motors up to 3.5Kw three phase 600Vac. Any help greatly appreciated. I have contacted the manufacturers who asked for data on the magnetic field strength from our H and S surveys! Unfortunately no one really understands who can do these surveys?!



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Good thing you are checking this out!  I'm sorry that I do not have any information that may help you.  Please let us know what you find out.  Wishing you the best and welcome to the group.

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Welcome to the forum! 

I understand yours concerns, I too had these questions when pursuing my implant.  I work in a particle accelerator and I am around large motors, compressors, klystrons, and magnets.  I work in places where they have warning signs for people with pace makers.  I was worried about the magnet of my implant being affected.

Aside from the motors, compressors.....etc being extremely loud (in which case I turn my processor way way down, almost off), I do not have any issues whatsoever.

There has been times when areas of my job had a 5 Tesla magnet energized for a brief period in which case I stayed away, I didn't want to take any chances.

Hope this helps,


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Welcome to hearpeers!! 

Not sure I can answer your question. The environment I work in can get very loud. If I know I will be in that type of environment, I'll just take my processors off. I still wear ear protection as to not harm my ear drum. Magnets I try to err on the side of caution. For me, it isn't so much the CI as I have another implant which setting is changed using a strong magnet. Talk to your Audi and Doctor. Please let us know what you find out

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