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Help with securing Rondo 3 as it keeps coming off


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Hi Caroline here,  Is there anybody else who has trouble ensuring that the rondo 3 does not come adrift.  I have only had mine a few days and several times it has come adrift, I completely lost it in the house and was panicking, as hand not realised it had come off. . Would not dare wear it out of the house in case of losing it. I found in my box of goodies a little clip that you can attach, but it seems that you have to remove it every time you switch rondo on or off, so if I go for a shower have to remove clip and then reattach. Also not sure how to secure it as it wouldn’t attaché to my ear, or hair, and really do not want bits of string hanging down on my clothes whenever I go out.  Am I missing something here?

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I have been wearing a rondo for over a year now. There a number of different things to consider

1. Magnet strength. When you are first activated the swelling may not have completely subsided and so you need a magnet strength higher than you will use later. I started out with a three, went to a four and now when my hair is shorter I ear a one.

2. The clips. These are for me my Linus blanket. I started out using the hair clip but changed to the clothes clip which I now prefer.

3. I do not know whence came your idea that the clip has to be removed when you switch the Rondo off: absolutely neither true nor necessary.

Finally, I don't move with a clip attached. Do I knock my Rondo of occasionally? Absolutely, especially when putting on coats/jackets. My clip saves me all the time.

But....clips break. Once you know which clip you prefer, carry spares at home.

Good luck. Try using the clip at home and when you get more confidence, go outside with it.


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@CarolineI have a Rondo and Sonnets my Rondo came #3 magnet and yes I had to use the clip I went to a #4 magnet the only time I had slippage is when I was running went to a #5 magnet problem solved.I do not wear any clips any longer 


You have go thru your audiologists to order the magnet also be sure to order the magnet changing tool it’s very easy to do. Your audiologist may tell you to wait a while depending how long since you had the implant and swelling to go away. The magnet and tool are a no charge item 

Good Luck







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Rondo 3 for the past year. Have a #3 magnet and have not had to change strengths. I run 3+ miles multiple times a week and it never falls off. I have bumped it off a number of times and the thing seems indestructible. Rarely ever used the safety cables. You might need to increase your magnet strength or it may stick better as swelling goes down. It took almost a year for all of my swelling to leave and feeling to come back in my ear.

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Not competent to comment other than to say when I had magnet strength 3 my audiologist said he could see that it was it was deforming my skull a little and advise me to reduce the magnet strength. I have a selection of magnets plus the tool so I vary the strength occasionally , mostly because of the state to my hair.

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I use the clip to my shirt and it helps me not worry about accidently dropping it and losing it. The clip can stay on, it doesn't have to be removed. Also, I found that shaving the small patch of hair where it attaches helps the magnet hold better. 

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@Caroline My Rondo 3 was coming off about once every hour or two during my first week after activation with a magnet strength of 3.  Same for my Sonnet 2. After a panic attack of my Sonnet 2 falling off and worrying that I had lost it while shopping - I eventually found it on my car seat.  That motivated me to make sure that I had better security.  I started wearing my Rondo as my primary processor and using the shirt clip.

At my 1 week followup, I talked with my Audi and she ordered a #4 magnet for my Rondo and Sonnet

The shirt clip has also saved me often and now finishing my second week post-activation, I'm only knocking it off a couple of times a day even though the stronger magnets haven't arrived. 

I'm assuming it is a combination of swelling going down and just getting used to wearing it.  Maybe I'll even hold off on installing the stronger magnet since I don't want to risk "deforming" of my skull like @Andrew42  mentioned.  I've already got enough weird skin in the area with a nearby bone conduction implant half removed.  (The half that sticks through  the skin is gone, now the bottom half is still there that is flush to the skull bone and skin has grown over the hole.)

My Audi said that her patients break the clips often and she would like to know about cheaper options. I liked the suggestion of having a few available as backup.  I can't believe that I haven't broken the stretch cord yet!

I occasionally use my Sonnet 2 instead of the Rondo 3 and then I'm using an old "Ear Huggie" that she had available and installed.  It basically just provides a lower wrapping around the Sonnet processor to help hold it more securely around the ear.  (Not a 360 degree loop - both top and and bottom are "open" and more like 300 degree wrap around coverage.)  I also bought a hearing aid retention clip on Amazon that I may try for my Sonnet.  Perhaps keep them both attached to different Sonnet battery cases. 

Also curious what it will be like after a shorter haircut but not ready yet to think of shaving that patch. 


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