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My Stats giving incorrect data?


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My Stats in AudioKey 2 (2.0.6) is saying that I'm at 2.8 hours per day.

I've only been activated since Thursday but I know it is much longer.

  1. Thursday ~7 hours
  2. Friday ~ 15 hours
  3. Saturday ~ 15 hours
  4. Sunday ~ 15 hours
  5. Monday ~ 15 hours
  6. Tuesday ~ 3 hours at time of screen capture.

Even counting the partial days, that is 70 / 6 is almost 12 hours a day.


It simple math but some possible explanations, likely either the wrong numerator (top) or the wrong denominator (bottom) from what I would expect. 

The wrong denominator:  I downloaded the app long before device selection and used it in Demo mode.  Maybe it is dividing by the wrong number of days (like 20+ days).  Seems like it should only start counting days for real when the user starts with a real device.

The wrong numerator:  Maybe it is really only counting the hours where AudioKey 2 is running and is connected to a processor.  It frequently goes into sleep mode and disconnects from the processor and needs to be refreshed. If this is the case, the interpretation is very different from total use.  A lot of my time earlier was with the AudioLink connected rather than the processors. 

It has been 1 hour since I did the attached screen capture with the 2.8 hours and now I'm up to 3 hours on average.  In other words, it went up by 0.2 hours in only one hour of use.  I won't bore people with the calculations but that seems to tell me that it is counting 5 days and 14 (now 15) hours of usage. That seems reasonable (4 full days and 2 half days).  In other words, the wrong numerator. 

I don't want my Audi to give me grief for not using my CI during my first appointment tomorrow.  I expect she has much richer information like being able to see day by day data. 

Thoughts?  Do other people have realistic numbers and it is just a matter of startup numbers being flaky?

It would be nice if showed a daily chart as an option kind of like all the fitness watches/trackers do. 


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