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Med-El US is hosting a virtual meeting about CIs and sports

Mary Beth

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Just finished the Med-El Sports session. I saw 61 people in the Participant count!

I really enjoyed seeing the kids talking about their experiences playing sports, soccer, pickleball, tennis, basketball, bike riding, swimming, boogie boards in the water, and more.

One person is a police officer and talked about wearing a skull cap to hold things in place when doing combat training. 

Another person showed off a neat mesh bandana with floaties for kid to wear when doing water boarding activities.  A friend of theirs had made it and several people were saying that wished there was an Etsy listing for it.

Bob Patterson talked about being a high school football coach wearing his CI and dealing with battery issues.

The Med-El hosts said that they will collect information for an article in their next newsletter that they send out.

Some miscellaneous tips mentioned:

  • Some people wear their Rondo in the brim of their hat or visor.
  • Nammu headbands or caps were mentioned for swimming.  Available on Amazon and elsewhere.
  • Someone mentioned wearing headbands and putting their sonnet in that.  Available on Amazon or Etsy - here are Etsy links Headbands  and caps . I remember seeing it discussed in Hearpeers.  I bought a cap and 5 pack of headbands right after the talk finished.  Med-El's free talk just cost me $60.  🙂

Pretty interesting!



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